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The primary responsibility of the Budget and Finance Committee is to review Pen-Mar’s finances, investments, and association budgets for the purpose of making recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Craig Harshman: Chair

Shelley Layton

Julie Fritsch

Karen Ebeid

Kim Lewis

Shelby Diehl

Wes Hart

Jim Cramer

The primary responsibility of the Education Committee is to assist in planning Pen-Mar’s educational offerings, courses, and training. This includes Continuing Education (CE), REALTOR® certifications and designations, and other learning opportunities for Pen-Mar members.

Julie Fritsch: (Chair)

Eddie Currey

Jocelyne Melton

Toby Wantz

Patricia Beidel

Duane Beidel

Bill Tolleson

Amanda Henry



The primary responsibility of the Maryland and Pennsylvania Legislative Committees is to monitor, review, interview, and recommend political candidate endorsements, public policy positions, and legislative actions to Pen-Mar’s Board of Directors.

Maryland Legislative Committee

Michael Stanford: (Chair)

Michael Draper

Lee Downey

Chrisina Ocharzak

Dennis Stouffer

Kim Lewis

Nancy Allen

Pennsylvania Legislative Committee

Heather Weeks (Chair)

Kristyn Martin

Wes Hart

The primary responsibility of the RPAC Fundraising Committee is to assist in fundraising activities, events, and initiatives to encourage member investments in the REALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC).

Karen Ebeid: (Chair)

Darwyn Benedict

Wes Hart

Cari Ellen Edgin

Kim Heck


The primary responsibility of the Community Service Committee is to identify and organize opportunities for Pen-Mar members to volunteer in the local community. This committee also assists with Pen-Mar’s “sunshine” efforts, aimed at supporting fellow association members in need.

Jan Colbert

Lynn Ober

Karen Starr

Kelly Keener

The primary responsibility of the Membership Committee is to oversee, plan, and coordinate membership events, including the Annual Membership Meeting.

Richard Howe: (Chair)

Monica Wack

Sara Repp

Jim Gullace

Shelby Diehl

Alex Crilley

Sheila Mangum


As a subcommittee of our Membership Committee, the primary responsibility of the Young Professionals Network (YPN) team is to provide networking and professional development opportunities to Pen-Mar members, with an emphasis on members who are new to the industry. This work group operates under the direction of the Membership Committee.

The primary responsibility of the Affiliate Advisory Group is to work with our association's Affiliate members and find ways to add value to their overall membership experience. The group will brainstorm and recommend suggestions for added/improved benefits and activities that meet the needs of our non-REALTOR® members.

Monica Wack: (Chair)

Jocelyne Melton

Jan Colbert

Michelle Rebok

Chuck Boteler

Pat Leroux

The primary responsibility of the Bylaws and Policy Committee is to review and recommend updates, changes, or clarification on Pen-Mar bylaws and policies, including its governance documents. Their recommendations and suggestions are often tasked by our Board of Directors, when seeking to modernize or improve any existing policies or proposals that will ensure we're agile and adapting to member and regulatory needs.

Jeff Matthews: (Chair)

Kim Lewis

Shelley Layton

Julie Fritsch

Karen Ebeid

The primary responsibility of our Professional Standards volunteers is to participate in ethics, grievance, and professional standards hearings. Pen-Mar participates in a cooperative agreement with the Maryland REALTORS®, who manage and enforce complaints made against association members in Pennsylvania and Maryland. This includes training these volunteers and calling on them as needed to assist in reviewing complaints.

Rotating Panelists Might Include One of the Following Individuals:

Barbara Costa

Rose Yohn

Shirley Bayer

Matt Kellam

Dan Plombon

Rose Yohn

Joan Jernigan

Nicole Scott

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